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Why You Should Avoid At Home Remedies for Dogs

Curious about home remedies for dogs? Great pet owners will always do anything they can to keep their dogs happy. Pets typically run into several issues throughout their lives, including things like ticks and fleas, itchiness, stinky faces, dry noses, and much more. A lot of pet owners try to treat their dogs with natural […]

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We Updated the Wrinkle Paste Formula!

Curious about the Wrinkle Paste Formula? You guys!! We know that oil separation has been an issue with Wrinkle Paste Formula. Because of this we recently spent a lot of time in the lab working on it. And Guess What? We’ve improved the Wrinkle Paste Formula! Not anymore! You asked & we answered! What does […]

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Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Dog

Curious about the benefits of using coconut oil on your dog? You’ve heard of all the amazing benefits to using coconut oil on skin, hair, cuticles, teeth and in your gut. But, have you heard that all these same benefits are true for dogs, too? Well, they are. In fact, the use of coconut oil […]

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying A Puppy!

New Puppy 101 -It’s an exciting prospect, bringing a new puppy into your home. You’ve talked with friends and family and you’re ready for the next step in life. However, a lot of new puppy parents can be clouded in delight, often forgetting some of the vital considerations before buying a puppy. So, here at […]

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