Tear Stain Paste & Wrinkle Wipes Bundle - FOR LONG HAIRED BREEDS - Powerful Duo Cleans & Protects Against Tear Stains

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Squishface Tear Stain Paste + Wrinkle Wipes are a powerful solution for those tear stains in long-haired breeds! The Wrinkle Wipe formula, featuring phytosphingosine and chlorhexidine, was created to work with the Tear Stain Paste to achieve maximum results. 

Use the Wrinkle Wipes to clean your long-haired dog's tear-stained faces, and other puppy parts, and then follow with the Tear Stain Paste to clean and protect against tear stains.

Tear Stain Paste is an effective tear stain remover for dogs with longer hair around their face like Pomeranians, Shih-tzus, Maltese, Poodles, Westies, Bichon Frises, Coton de Tulears, Bologneses, and more! It’s not breed specific! Tear Stain Paste is especially great for removing tear stains from white dogs!

Tear Stain Paste cleans and protects your dog’s tear stain areas by forming a water repellent barrier to help keep moisture, fungus and bacteria at bay. The best part? It's made without water or alcohol and with a limited, only absolutely essential ingredient list.

We know the allergy-prone nature of many dogs and with that in mind we excluded many common allergens such as lavender, aloe, lanolin, fragrance, etc., found in other products. Instead, we use a calming shea butter and protective avocado oil to soothe sensitive skin. 

The dog wrinkle wipes can be used on any place your pup needs to be cleaned – wrinkles, tail pockets, paws and toes, faces, tear stains, girly dog bits (the vulva), and puppy bums! They are perfect for those hard-to-clean places. Since there’s no harsh chemicals, you don’t need to worry about stinging or irritation. 

They are the only dog wrinkle wipe on the market that contains phytosphingosine, a skin lipid with anti-inflammatory and microbe repelling properties. It helps rebuild the natural ceramides found in the skin barrier that are critical in helping keep the skin healthy. So not only do our wipes clean the skin of the bad stuff but also actively help to rebuild the skin.

  1.  No strong odor
  2.  Limited clean ingredient list
  3.  Larger size than other wipes (6" x 8")
  4.  Formulated specifically for pets
  5.  100% alcohol free

    How to Use
    Use this dog cleaner to whisk away dirt and grime in wrinkle folds, around tear stains, tail pockets, and between toes prior to application of Wrinkle Paste instead of soap and water, which can irritate. Follow with Squishface Tear Stain Paste as a protective barrier on your dog’s face and around their eye to remove stubborn tear stains on your long-haired pups!

    For best results, clean the area of debris with Wrinkle Wipes and apply fresh Tear Stain Paste once daily for 7 to 10 days. Sometimes it may take a little longer to clear up but consistency is key! Once you reach the desired results, apply once every other day or as needed to keep itchiness and funk at bay!

    Learn more!
    Watch this short video for some tips for applying bully paste or to dog wrinkles or tear stain paste to tear stains

    Click here to learn more about Squishface Wrinkle Paste and Wrinkle Wipes! 



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Rene Velazquez

    I have the wipes & paste for our Shih tzu's face cuz her face was always wet from draining eyes. She is more comfortable & not pawing at her face. Her face is white again ALREADY & her little stinky face isn't stinky anymore! We were stuck with stinkface for a couple years so I was using a wash cloth. I'm so surprised we have a solution!!

    Amber Brennan
    Love these products!

    We have three frenchies and the wipes/paste combo is a game-changer for their little squish faces! Two pups are under two and love to play in the yard and get dirty — the wipes are great to clean up after light play and we use the combo after bath-time to keep our babies wrinkles clean and fresh!


    Tear Stain Paste & Wrinkle Wipes Bundle - Powerful Duo Cleans & Protects Against Tear Stains in Long Hair Dogs

    Sandra Donaldson

    It really works.

    Dimitri Maye
    Tear stains and wrinkle wipes

    The products are great I will definitely be ordering more

    sierra pritchard
    Love this stuff!

    This is the absolute best thing for my Engilish Bulldog. His face cleaned up in a few days with the wipes and paste. Highly recommend!

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