How to Care for Wrinkly Dogs

Curious how to care for wrinkly dogs? We love wrinkly dogs so much we named our entire product after them: Squishface. How can you not with their adorable faces with their velvety coats and curtains of rolls? But whether you’ve got a classic English Bulldog, cute little Frenchie or a magnificent Mastiff, we know they can take a bit more work than your average pooch.

To help out, we’ve compiled this guide to taking care of wrinkly dogs. In it, we focus on three important steps: How to Groom, Preventing Infection, and Keeping Your Dog Happy. So, if you’ve got a squishy-faced friend at home or you’re contemplating getting one, read on.

How to Groom

With a regular dog, grooming is simple. Bathe them three or four times a year, wipe them down if they get too muddy, and check for any fleas or mites. However, to care for wrinkly dogs there can be a range of different problems, some of which are related to infection, which we’ll discuss later.

One of the primary problems is dermatitis. Naturally, the skin sheds hair and dead skin cells, however, in dogs with wrinkles, this detritus accumulates. Plus, any dirt your dog picks up from rolling on the ground or playing in the park will linger inside the skin folds. All of which is likely to lead to the skin becoming inflamed. In time, it can become cracked, red and sore, which is a risk for infection, excessive fur shedding and other more severe problems.

As such, it’s essential to wipe between the facial wrinkles regularly. We’ve developed Squishface Wrinkle Wipes for this exact purpose. We recommend using the wipes every couple of days, make sure to give the dog a good wipe, getting through the fur down to the skin.

Also, make sure to give the wrinkles around their eye a lift, as well as tail pockets and other sensitive areas.

Prevent Infection

Infections are nasty no matter who you are: man or mutt. However, they can be especially challenging to care for on wrinkly dogs due to the excess skin, fungi and bacteria can grow in the moist and dark environment, multiplying like mad. Mucins – a mucus related protein - can be produced, which further traps moisture, fungus & bacteria.

Therefore, it is vital to frequently groom and clean, ensuring every last inch of your four-legged friend is sparklingly clean. As the old saying goes: prevention is better than the cure. That’s why we developed Squishface Wrinkle Paste. Instead of dealing with constant irritations, we designed our Wrinkle Paste to work as a water-repellent barrier, thus preventing bacteria from ever taking hold. Just like our Wrinkle Wipes, the Paste also contains soothing coconut oil to nourish and replenish your dogs’ skin and fur.

So, don’t wait for an infection to occur. Whether you own a Pug, Frenchy, English Bulldog or Dogue de Bordeaux, you can use Squishface products to keep their folds infection-free and super-clean.

Keep Your Dog Happy

Keeping your dog healthy and happy can involve more than just bathing and good hygiene. We advocate taking a holistic approach to your dog’s health and care. That means considering everything from exercise to diet, just as you would yourself. Of course, last but certainly not least, spend time together and exercise. The more active your dog is, the happier they will be. Just like people, dogs thrive when they’re mentally stimulated. Show them the love, and they’ll be healthier than ever. Plus, it’s good for your own health and wellbeing too!

For more tips, tricks, and favorite products, roll over to the Squishface Blog. Don’t forget to check back in every week for even more canine content!