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Really works

My poor baby Frenchie had a little infection in his wrinkles. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess some dirt got in there. So I bought some wipes and the wrinkle paste. I used the wrinkle paste ONCE and he was so much better the next day. I use the wipes on his face every other day and boom, he's fine. It's amazing.

Squishface Nose balm

This stuff is amazing!! I also have a Frenchie with a crusty nose and in 2-3 days her nose was healed!

It works!

I’ve tried many products for my French bulldog’s nose, but this one actually works! We live in a very dry climate as well. I’m so happy with this find!


I can’t believe how quickly this nose balm worked! My sweet baby’s nose was cracked and dry on one side and I had tried everything. This nose balm did the trick within a couple of days! So so so happy!


We’ve tried literally EVERYTHING on the market, on instagram, on Pinterest and “dr google” - nothing nothing worked. We checked with the vet and even their recommendations didn’t work. Changed diets. Everything. Then this product became available and I was hesitant due to historical failure BUT am a huge supporter of everything squishface. After less than two weeks, applying twice a day, I’m THRILLED with the results.

Our Frenchie loves it❤️

I had purchased a different brand before that had a strong perfume smell. It made her eyes water and she hated it!!! After using wrinkle wipes and paste for a few days she stopped squirming and now lets me every morning with ease! It works great no brown tear stains, just a healthy and happy Margaux😍

Wrinkle wipes and ear finger wipes are the best

First time using wrinkle wipes and ear finger wipes for my Frenchie Georgie and I love them ! Very gentle and super easy to use! I notice a big difference under his eyes!

Squishface Wrinkle Paste - Cleans & Protects Dog Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets!


My Frenchie has a chronically crusty nose. A few days on this balm and he’s looking fantastic. Must feel good because he readily lines up each morning to have it applied.


Wow, I have been using this paste for my frenchie for over a month now and his face is coming back to normal! I am so happy with the results

Must have for wrinkle dog!

I absolutely love all of the products I received. It keeps the yeast at bay!

Clean wrinkles

These wipes are awesome! Perfect size and non-irritating. Great product for my pug ❤️

Works great

The paste helped my dog’s yeast wrinkles…and love the wipes as a way to keep his wrinkles clean

Mugs Up

My English Bulldog Big Jake gives it four paws up! His skin has changed so much. I don't worry about his tail pocket getting infected and his Vet said keep up the good work. Wonderful product for these guys!

Love this paste

This worked wonders on my English bulldog tear stain area. The area was raw and the corners were starting to stain. After using the wipes and this miracle paste the rawness and staining went away.

Squishface Silicone Dog Wrinkle Paste Applicator - Clean & Gentle Application of Wrinkle Paste & Tear Stain Paste

Much better!!!

Love these wipes. I’m able to get the ears much cleaner than cotton balls and they have helped with some dirty itchy ears when used regularly.

Works great

It worked fast on my little guys wrinkles, we love this product!

I would recommend!

I had been using some wrinkle wipes from a different company that were “antiseptic wipes” which really seemed to irritate my boy’s face more than help it. They were so harsh on him that whenever I pulled them out to clean off his face, he would run away! I saw so many ads for Squishface wipes and paste, so I finally got it and they’re so much more gentle! They don’t tear up his sensitive skin, but they still clean the face folds properly. The paste works well too! I haven’t been able to use the applicator on his face because he tries to play with it and thinks it’s a toy, but I’m not worried about it. But the products themselves have been great for my boy!

Wish I had found this product 10 years ago!

This has been hands down the best product I’ve found for my British bulldog Evie

Our girl loves these!

These are really convenient. They fit over your finger making it easier to wipe out the ear. Our pup really enjoys getting her ears cleaned now. They smell great & are soothing for your fur baby!

Works Wonderfully!

Let me just say that my girl is a farm dog. Ever seen a Mini English Bulldog herd sheep!? Seriously tho, I been using this paste combined with the wipes since my girl first came home. She is almost a year now and I’m happy to say she has yet to get any kind of infections or have horrid tear stains. We cleaned her up every night for the first 8 months. Then every other night. If this paste and wipes can keep THIS dirty girl free of ouch’s and ick’s it absolutely works! Get your baby some!