"These wrinkle wipes are the best! They do a wonderful job of cleaning my bulldog’s heavy wrinkle folds without irritating or stinging his sensitive skin. "
-Kelsey W.

$19.99 $24.99


NEW IMPROVED FORMULA & PACKAGING! We have added 50% more fluid in each package and a new flip-top lid that snaps shut to keep your wipes fresher longer! As an added bonus, there are now FIVE more wipes per package for the same price.

Wrinkle Wipes are the first step to cleaning and protecting your dog’s wrinkles, tear stains and tail pocket.

Our alcohol-free formula is gentle enough for even the most sensitive and allergy-prone dogs. Wrinkle Wipes come in an enclosed package so you can use it at home, in the car, at the dog park or anywhere else your dog goes with you.

Wrinkle Wipes work great for English Bulldogs, Franchise, Olde English Bulldogs, Pugs, American Bulldogs, Shar-peis, Mastiffs and even long haired breeds like Poodles, Shih-tzus and Pomeranians.

While some happy customers see results in as little as 2 or 3 days, we recommend cleaning your dog’s wrinkles once daily for 7 to 10 days. For best results pair Wrinkle Wipes with our Squishface Wrinkle Paste.

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Customer Reviews

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Shannon Roman
So far so good

I really like that these wipes get the staining from the tears. So much better.
Would definitely recommend!

Wrinkle Wipes

I love the product but it takes forever to finally get my order.

Hi Jean! My name is Tiffany and I am the owner of Squishface. Firstly, I'd like to personally apologize for your delay in receiving your order. We were out of stock for the wipes and there were delays in getting them back in stock. Luckily we have ordered a large production run and there shouldn't be an issue with stocking out in the future. Thank you very much for your honest feedback as well as being a Squishface customer. :D

Ricardo Ocampo

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes - Cleans Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets - Great for Wrinkly Dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs and Frenchies!

Patty Vansloten

I love the wipes for my bulldog they are amazing

Michele Murtha
Wallace gives it 5 stars!!!

Wallace the Pug has a deep snout wrinkle that was really beginning to get crusty and itchy. In 1 week huge improvement!!! Wipes are perfect. I also have the wrinkle cream. Together they have made him much happier! Crusties are gone! Snout wrinkle is clean!

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