About Us Image Squishface Wrinkle Paste Owner with Bulldogs

Established in 2017, Squishface is a line of dog skin care products with a focus on Wrinkly Breeds.  In 2009 the owner of Squishface, Tiffany, got English Bulldog Milo from a rescue having no idea that irritated wrinkles and tear stains can be an issue for dogs. Assuming a product already existed to help, she quickly learned that wasn’t the case. After extensive googling, Pinterest exploring and trying multiple DIY suggestions, nothing worked. So she became determined to create a solution. As word has gotten out about the improvement Squishface Wrinkle Paste gives, other products were created to help improve dog skin care, creating a healthy dog and a happy dog parent. Made in the USA, with natural ingredients Squishface helps create happy dogs and even happier dog parents.

Mavis joined the Squishface team in 2019. 

You can contact us via chat on the website, or email us at Bark@Squishface.com if you have any questions!