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Lovabull Lemon Approved

I use the wipes and paste daily on our bulldog, Toby. These products is an integral part of his daily hygiene routine keep him free of tail pocket and face fold infection.

Nose balm

We love the nose balm u can use your finger or can use the stick.
It can be brought with you when ever u go places small enough to carry it doesn’t melt it stays soft enough to place on nose
It works well it soften nose after first use

Great stuff

Works really well with no irritation

Great products

We have an English and a frenchie and we love these products. Nothing works to get the gunk out as well as the wrinkle wipes. Definitely a repeat customer.

Very good product

I thought I'd try these because before I use to use cotton balls and long handled Q tips and they are so much easier!!👍

Great products!!

The products work great on my American bulldog! She’s got really sensitive skin but has had no reaction to the products and they are already working amazing! I honestly started noticing a difference after only 3 days, so would highly recommend.
Thanks so much Squishface :)

Squishface Tear Stain Paste - Dog Tear Stain Remover for LONG-HAIRED BREEDS

The consistency of this paste worked so much better for my Frenchie than the wrinkle paste…stays on longer and works for tear stains!!!

Awesome products!

Awesome products! Would recommend to anyone with bulldogs that have struggled to find a product to help with eye straini. Saw results within a week.

Absolutely amazing!

Takes care of redness, hotspots, tear stains, just about anything! Best product for bulldogs or squish faced pups! I’ll always have this product on hand

Squishface Wrinkle Paste is the only product that works for my frenchie's eye area

Squishface wrinkle paste works so well for my frenchie's eye area. Her eye area was wet and yucky and she constantly scratched at her face until she bled. Squishface wrinkle paste helps keep all of this in check and I don't have to worry about her eye area getting infected.

Puggie Face Wipe Ultra!

I have a pug and I use the wipes and cream for her wrinkles. I was skeptical at first but these truly are less stringent than most wipes and really help with the tearing discoloration! It also keeps her wrinkles clean and smelling nice and free of infection! I recommend these to all my wrinkley face clients as a veterinarian since I've had such an awesome experience with them. We also use the ear wipes and the fact that they slip over your finger is so great that she's finally started to enjoy getting her ears cleaned <3

Squshface Nose Balm

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Our Bullie Max has had a crusty nose from the day we rescued him.....tried different kinds of ointments, etc to get rid of it to no avail! Purchased the Nose Balm as soon as it hit the market and within the 1st couple of applications there was a noticeable difference! Now we just use it maybe once a week to maintain the smoothness!!! We use the wipes daily and the ointment as needed! Will continue to purchase this product on a regular basis! Thank you!

Really works

I have re-ordered the wrinkle wipes and they really help clean both of my Franchies wrinkles on their faces and is not harsh at all.

Frenchie MUST have.

My French Man, Bean, could be an award winning show dog as long as he’s armed with these products.

I’ve been using these wipes and the wrinkle paste for over 2 years now and my Frenchies folds are extremely healthy. No more itchy, infected pocket - no more redness and missing fur around his eyes (in the folds) and no yeasty smell.

Every trip to the vet I’m told how gorgeous and healthy his folds/pocket is. I guess the vet sees alot of neglected Frenchies due to uneducated humans. They definitely approve of SquishFace at the veterinarian clinic - I think they even recommended it to other clients now (after seeing Bean)

These wipes are magical. I got the BOAS (throat & nose) surgery done for my boy last year and I used these products during the healing process to keep his folds and nose clean. I trust this brand completely.

I’m pleased to see SquishFace is now making a nose butter, I’ve always used aquaphor or coconut oil - but I want to try this option.

If you’re on the fence, and don’t know which brand to go with, choose SquishFace.

My Frenchie is literally like my child and I’m extremely protective and picky with what I get for him. When I first bought these wipes and the wrinkle paste, I was desperate - my boy had an infection in his pocket and he was so uncomfortable. Those two products cleared it up within a week.

Thank you to whoever created this company and the products. You guys really understand what Frenchies need.

Thank you !

My frenchie was getting very irritated skin all over his face and constantly scratching. Since we started using this product it took only 2-3 days for all the itching to stop and by day 5-6 we noticed a better less irritated skin and his hairs growing back 😊🫶

Nose balm

I noticed a vast improvement on my doggo's nose after just a few applications. It's a game-changer!

Best Product Ever

This product has helped keep my olde English bulldog healthy and clean! And the products are so easy to use. Love them!

Works instantly!

We had struggled with a cracked, dry nose for a while and were constantly putting aquaphor on it, but Squishface Nose Balm does the trick instantly! I noticed a dramatic difference in my Frenchie’s dry nose within minutes and it’s easy to apply. 10/10 recommend this product!

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes - Cleans Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets - Great for Wrinkly Dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs and Frenchies!

Squishface Silicone Dog Wrinkle Paste Applicator - Clean & Gentle Application of Wrinkle Paste & Tear Stain Paste

Really works

My poor baby Frenchie had a little infection in his wrinkles. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess some dirt got in there. So I bought some wipes and the wrinkle paste. I used the wrinkle paste ONCE and he was so much better the next day. I use the wipes on his face every other day and boom, he's fine. It's amazing.

Squishface Nose balm

This stuff is amazing!! I also have a Frenchie with a crusty nose and in 2-3 days her nose was healed!

It works!

I’ve tried many products for my French bulldog’s nose, but this one actually works! We live in a very dry climate as well. I’m so happy with this find!


I can’t believe how quickly this nose balm worked! My sweet baby’s nose was cracked and dry on one side and I had tried everything. This nose balm did the trick within a couple of days! So so so happy!