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Love the ear wipes & paste

I will never be without these products! They have helped my pug so much

Love all my products!!

Love the wipes, wrinkle cream, ear wipes!!! All amazing!!!


I wasn’t aware that there is such an awesome product for my little frenchie I love it

Bella Thanks You!!!

Bella's facial folds were raw and nothing seemed to work. For years we tried to find something to help. Squishface products worked!!! Thank you!


This product is the best thing I have ever used. My English Bulldog has the deep wrinkles and I am always fighting infections and he fight me cleaning and medicating. After last trip to vet decided to try this product and I was ASTONISHED by how well and quick it work. In 3 days the dark stains Have almost disappeared and he not fighting the medicine and looks so much better. I am a believer. If ever need a free spoke dog Chase is your dog

Wrinkle cream

Great product .the red on my bulldog wrinkles has really gone down after a few weeks great

Excellent product!!!

I’ve been putting the cream on my Frenchie’s wrinkles for the past few weeks since we got it in and we LOVE it and the wipes!! He wrestles with me like a baby alligator but in the end mom wins and he is clean and fresh!!😂😂😂

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I have had five bulldogs throughout my life and started using these products on my current bulldog. They are absolutely amazing and I use them on a daily basis! It is so gentle yet extremely effective! I wish that these products were around years ago when I had my other bulldogs! She loves to be groomed with these every morning and it keeps her so clean and her wrinkles are so clear and beautiful! Thank you so very very much for these products!

Wrinkle paste

Creme prevents the smell around the eyes and on the face of our Bulldog, keeps the wrinkles dry.

Boy loves getting wiped down clean and is comfortable when I put the cream on him 5 STARS

Wipes and cream

I love them! They work amazing for my little guy.

These Products Work!

In just one week of use, I have noticed a night and day difference in my English Bulldog’s nose wrinkle. His skin there is much less red/ inflamed and is actually dry now. His hair is starting to grow back as well. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to use!

Wrinkle Wipes

I like the strength of these wipes. Try to tear them? Can't do it. I use them regularly on my bulldog's face and feet. No tear stains and his wrinkles have remained healthy.

Excellent product

I use the cream not only on my face .. i use back my ears outside, on my stomach or legs if i have red and the cream work perfectly …

10 Stars!!!

This **** works!!! I have a Lab who constantly gets a lip infection each year as a result of allergies. These are the only solution other than pricey vet bills that have truly helped my dog. I would recommend to ANY dog parent who is on the fence about it, just buy it. If you think they're expensive like I did, just think of the cost ratio when compared to vet bills and antibiotics etc. JUST GET EM

So far so good!

Love how it is specially formulated for these breeds. I’ve tried wipes in the past and they've created allergic reactions. Thank you! I bought two packs and gifted one to a fellow Frenchie owner. I’ll be buying more.

It works!

I was skeptical of this product at first. It seemed too good to be true. My frenchie puppy was suffering from dermatitis in his face folds. This is our third squish faced dog, and we never dealt with this problem before. I tried my best to keep his folds clean and dry, but nothing seemed to help. It got so bad that he continuously ripped his skin open with scratching. He had to wear his cone of shame constantly, which I hated I felt so guilt about. After using this product for less than a week, the redness and itchiness went away. Thank you so much for this product! 10/10 would recommend.

Squishface Limited Edition Gift Set - Your Favorite Squishface Products Packaged Up in a Giftable Set!
TeriLynn MacDougall
awesome product

just received and started using this and wow this is amazing I was skeptical but wow it does really work for my bully's nose havent tried the butt area yet but the nose worked yahoooo :)

Pug approved!

I have a 7 year old Pug that has always struggled with skin issues. I have him on a home cooked diet, I was doing monthly Cytopoint injections, regular grooming appointments and nothing seemed to work. It broke my heart to see him so uncomfortable. These wipes have helped tremendously. I believe he’s always going to have issues but I’ll do everything in my power to make him as comfortable as possible and these are a part of his daily routine now. One other thing I love about these wipes are how they don’t have a fragrance to them like the ones the vet has recommended. I’m so glad I found these! Please don’t ever stop making these 💕 sincerely thank you!

1st Time

I bought the works :) used it the day it came love the wipes :):) and paste:):) will order again
The only thing Is I have no clue how to use the blue tool that came with it. And there's no video

10 Stars

These wipes are a GAME CHANGER. I used them 3 days in a row on my bulldog and his flaps have been clean as a whistle ever since. I had to take him to the vet for his yearly and his flaps were so clean our vet asked for a link to these wipes to suggest to all of his bulldog patients. Buy this now!

Amazing Results

I've had Bulldogs for most of my life. It was always a struggle to keep their wrinkles, paws, and tail pockets clean. Oh yes and I forgot Bullies need their butts wiped and these don't irritate like the regular wipes did to my boy. These wipes are a miracle! No more irritations, clean face and hoping they're a preventive measure for interdigital cysts, so far so good! My only regret is that I wish I had them sooner. They're not cheap but worth every penny. Thank you from Hank and I!