How to Treat Infected Bulldog Wrinkles

Curious about addressing infected bulldog wrinkles? It’s an undeniable truth that the most adorable part of bulldogs is their wrinkles. They're cute, friendly dogs with a lot to offer their owners. While sagging skin is considered a sign of age or even unsightly in other contexts, bulldog owners know that these facial folds are part of the breed’s appeal. These deep skin folds were bred into them over generations. They can be a lot of work, too. As you probably know, caring for your infected bulldog’s wrinkles is a large part of owning the breed. While their wrinkles – combined with flat, pushed up faces - are cute, they can also cause problems to your dog’s health.

Specifically, those facial folds can be at risk for possible infection, leading to itchy, painful, and sometimes more serious health concerns for your pup.


Bulldog Wrinkle Infection Treatment:

As bulldogs get older, they become more prone to infected wrinkles. This is because mature bulldogs have fully formed skin folds that trap moisture (every time your dog drinks or eats) and other possible contaminants (anytime they go outside or roll in the dirt). These infections usually occur as moist, inflamed areas that are red and painful looking. You should be on the lookout for common signs of infection. These may be indicators that something is going on with your dog’s health.

Common Signs of Bulldog Wrinkle Infections:

Redness. Also called dermatitis (or inflamed skin), this is the first sign that your dog may be developing an infection. This is often accompanied by dry, flaky skin. You might have to check within the folds, as these early signs might not be visible otherwise.

Odor. Bad smells can often accompany infection, especially in skin folds. If your dog’s face or body is giving off an odd smell, it’s a serious sign there may be something wrong. Make sure you’re not smelling their breath, though.

Face Rubbing. Is your pup rubbing their face a lot? It could be with their paws or by rubbing themselves against the carpet, furniture, or ground. If it’s a constant thing, this can be a sign that something is bothering them.

Common places where infections can form in bulldogs:

• Skin folds and face wrinkles (this is the most common spot for bulldogs!)
• Tail pockets
• Tail folds
• Around the armpits
• Paws
Any area with a skin crease can be a spot of possible infection because these areas are warm and moist, trapping moisture into the crease and creating an environment where bacteria, yeast, and fungus can grow. While
these organisms are present everywhere else on the skin, these skin folds give them the opportunity to grow.

The most common type of infection for infected bulldog wrinkles is skin fold pyoderma. This is a bacterial infection that causes lesions, redness, hair loss, crusting, and pustules inflamed pus-filled pimples on the skin if left untreated for any length of time. In bulldogs, this most frequently presents on the facial folds. Bulldogs (and Frenchies) can also develop staph infections within their wrinkles, leading to many of the same symptoms but with the possibility of leading to later infections of the eyes, throat, and respiratory system. These can be notoriously difficult to cure, too, and may require medical intervention and medications.

Bulldog Wrinkle Infection Prevention & Care:

As with most health-related conditions, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially the case when it comes to the care of your infected bulldog wrinkles. As easy as it is, the hardest part is incorporating regular cleanings into your routine. The frequency of cleaning will depend on your dog, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye (and a nose) out for it. However, if you do see signs of an infection, you can still turn things around quickly if you take the right steps! While they can be painful, if you catch them early enough bulldog wrinkle infections can be treated at home.

Here’s how you can cut down on the infection:

  1. Clean the Area. Using a Wrinkle Wipe, you want to thoroughly clean the area with care. If this is the first time you’ve done it, it may take some additional time. Be gentle and make sure you get it entirely clean.
  2. Dry the Skin Thoroughly. You don’t want to trap any excess moisture in there when you’re cleaning those wrinkles!
  3. Spread a Protective Cream – like Wrinkle Paste – Because your dog’s wrinkles can become infected so easily, it’s important to use preventative creams to make sure the area stays irritant-free. Wrinkle Paste is a thick cream designed to stay between the folds of your dog’s skin. Adding a water-resistant barrier, Wrinkle Paste helps repel fungus, bacterial, and excessive moisture between cleanings. It also helps soothe any hint of infection there. It’s fragrance free, easy to use, and completely safe for your pup!
  4. Keep an eye on it. You will want to keep a close watch on the possibly infected area as you repeat this process over the next few days. You don’t want to risk any further infection. We recommend checking your dog’s skin folds frequently for any signs of infection and, most importantly, cleaning them using these steps.

Grab a tube of Wrinkle Paste today and start your dog's skin transformation today! Your pup will thank you!

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