Squishface Wrinkle Paste - Cleans & Protects Dog Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets!

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Wrinkle Paste was created without water or alcohol and a limited, only absolutely essential ingredient list. We know the allergy-prone nature of many dogs and with that in mind we excluded many common allergens such as lavender, aloe, lanolin etc, found in other products.

Well how does it work? Wrinkle Paste forms a water-repellent barrier on the skin surface which keeps moisture, yeast, fungus and other bacteria at bay.
We know you are already thinking about English Bulldogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Basset Hounds & Shar-Peis. Wrinkle Paste also helps to clean up tear stains for many long haired dogs such as Shih-tzus, Pomeranians and even Poodles. Wrinkle Paste is not breed specific and will take care of dog wrinkles, tear stains and tail pockets for any breed.

For best results we recommend cleaning the area of debris and applying fresh Wrinkle Paste once daily for 7 to 10 days. Check out our amazing before & after photos to see what you can expect.

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I’m glad I Tried these

My girl was having a lot of tail picket issues - itchy, infected. I had heard of the Squishface products through social media, and with the price of the medicated pads our vet had given us (without much result) I figured the wipes and paste were at least worth trying. I haven’t noticed a red tail pocket area in the few days that I’ve used the wipes and the paste stays on and doesn’t come off easily. I really hope they continue to work well for my girl!


Squishface Wrinkle Paste - Cleans & Protects Dog Wrinkles, Tear Stains and Tail Pockets!

Marie DeBerry

Well so far since I received the product all I can say is it has done a terrific job on Pearls Bulldog nose. I noticed the difference after applying the product 2 times. I will definitely recommend this. Thank you very much

Deborah Boyle

Have a bully and we bully owners all know how important it is to keep those wrinkles dry squish worked great on my piper a 2year old English bulldog thanks again

Ginger Wagner
So far so good

Have used for a couple days and do like the product. Already see a slight change

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