How to Prevent Stinky Dog Wrinkles

Wondering how to prevent stinky dog wrinkles? Like humans, dogs deserve the best of the best. They deserve the best kibble, daily walks, regular baths, and so much more. It is the duty of a dog owner to make sure their animal is receiving the best type of care. Though many know to get their dog groomed and to not feed it chocolate, there is one way of caring for animals that is often overlooked, especially for wrinkly dogs such as English Bulldogs, Pugs and Frenchies - cleaning their wrinkles.

Bracycephalic dog breeds such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs often have a short, abrupt facial profile, common for wrinkly dog breeds. These folds and flaps make them extra cute and cuddly, but they also are another place to clean. A dog’s wrinkles can attract moisture, fungus and bacteria, causing them to become infected, and often, stinky.

For owners who need help, there are certainly some stand out products to choose from.

When choosing a skin routine for dogs, it’s best to choose soothing, easy to use products. No one wants to bathe their furrowed pug every day. With the right products, that’s not necessary. Dog owners can first cleanse their dogs with wet wipes specifically made for wrinkles. These wipes are necessary for removing fungus, yeast and bacteria from their skin folds. Created specifically for dog wrinkles, Squishface Wrinkle Wipes. These wipes were created specifically to clean irritated, infected, stinky dog wrinkles. The wipe is made of a gentle, allergy-friendly material that will just feel like an extra soft pet on a dog. They are perfect for cleaning all parts of the dog: wrinkles, tear stains, and tail pockets. Squishface Wrinkle Wipes are perfect because they use an alcohol free, non-stinging formula that accommodates all dogs - even dogs with allergies.

The next step in the doggy skin routine is often a topical application that will help to keep the area clean & protected. Wrinkles are prone to bacteria because they are warm and moist. Anything a dog comes into contact with— food, water, dirt— can find its way into their folds. A great paste to use for combatting these issues is the Squishface Wrinkle Paste. This paste helps address stinky dog wrinkles, but it also helps prevent them. Dog owners are encouraged to apply this paste to their dogs every day, especially in the beginning, for maximum results. Similar to the Squishface Wrinkle Wipes, this product is made of minimal ingredients so allergy-prone dogs can enjoy it, too. These products will help dogs stay fresh and healthy.

So what happens if stinky wrinkles aren’t treated?

Bacteria & fungus harboring folds can cause a variety of health problems, including stinky dog wrinkles. They can cause dermatitis, itchiness, infection, irritation. The itchy feelings that come from these wrinkles may also cause dogs to scratch and bite at them, leading to cuts and abrasions. There is so much more to these folds than a foul odor. Keeping a dog’s skin folds clean will help them stay happy and avoid stinky dog wrinkles. Best of all, it will help limit unnecessarily lining your vets pockets.

Like humans, dogs should follow a regular skincare routine to avoid stinky dog wrinkles. Squishface Wrinkle Wipes and Wrinkle Paste are some of the perfect products for dogs. Using a skincare routine with products like Wrinkle Wipes and Paste will not only treat itchy skin-- it will also prevent it. After all, the cleaner the folds, the happier the dog.

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