Office Dogs: Meet Logan

Welcome to Office Dogs: Squishface Edition, where we'll introduce you to the wagging tails and endearing antics of our furry coworkers! Behind the scenes, you'll find a heartwarming array of four-legged friends, each with their own unique personality and charm, who bring an extra dose of happiness to our lives.


What is your name and what do you do at Squishface?

My name is Justin, and I'm the Amazon Account Manager.


What is your dog’s name? What name do you actually call him?

His name is Logan, but we also call him The Log Man / Sir Smells A Lot / Dr. Stinktron 3000.

What breed is your dog?

He's a Hound Mix.

Where did you first meet your dog? 

At a dog park with his foster in the middle of a Minnesota January cold snap (-20 windchill IIRC). He was like 8 lbs and freezing cold.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

He's very sweet, smiley, and cuddly. Just a friendly dog.

What Squishface products do you use?

Wrinkle Wipes!

What was the hardest thing to train your dog? 

Not jumping on humans.

What was one thing you failed at training / could not train your dog?

Not jumping on humans. (It's a work in progress)

What is your favorite thing to do with your dog?

Take him to the dog park and let him romp around with friends.

What is one of your funniest moments with your dog?

When he was still a puppy he dove headfirst into several feet of fresh snow and got very stuck. I had to pull him free.

What is your dog's favorite non-dog food or favorite treat?

Leftover smoothie from mom.

Does your dog snore, or does she/he do anything unusual?

Definitely has puppy dreams - chases rabbits, does little mini woofs.

What is the coolest trick your dog knows how to do?

You can ask him literally any question and he'll tilt his head inquisitively. It's extremely cute.

Is your dog good with children and other dogs?

He is! He jumps a little bit, but he's very good with both kids and other dogs.

What do you think is 1 thing most dog owners could do better with their dogs?

Get them socialized! Normalize interaction with both other animals as well as other humans.

The Bottom Line

We love sharing stories about our paw-some friends, and hope that you enjoyed reading about them as well! 

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