We Updated the Wrinkle Paste Formula!

Curious about the Wrinkle Paste Formula? You guys!! We know that oil separation has been an issue with Wrinkle Paste Formula. Because of this we recently spent a lot of time in the lab working on it.


And Guess What? We've improved the Wrinkle Paste Formula!

Not anymore! You asked & we answered! What does that mean? NO MORE OIL SEPARATION!! Continually improving Wrinkle Paste (as well as our other products) over the years so you can get the best results has been a huge priority. We know you deserve a quality product so you can get quality results. Slowly but surely, it gets better with each update.

We're really excited to have partnered with House of Wrinkles on Youtube in sharing the exciting news!! Check out their video about Squishface on how we improved the formula (along with their adorable clan of Wrinkly Bulldogs - LouLou, Chaco, Izzy & Zoe - so you can learn more!