Why Are My Bulldogs Wrinkles Red?

Wrinkles are a common feature among many dog breeds, but some owners may be concerned when they notice their bulldog's wrinkles turning red. There are a few possible explanations for this, including allergies, skin infections, and even simple physical irritation

Possible Causes


One possible reason for redness in your bulldog's wrinkles is an allergy. Allergies can cause all sorts of skin problems in dogs, and they're one of the most common reasons for vet visits. If your bulldog is allergic to something in his environment, you may notice other symptoms such as itching, excessive licking, and hair loss in addition to redness

If you think your bulldog's red wrinkles might be caused by an allergy, there are a few testing and treatment options available. Allergies can be difficult to diagnose, but once the offending allergen is identified, it can often be avoided or treated successfully.


Another possible cause of red wrinkles in bulldogs is a skin infection. Skin infections are usually caused by bacteria or fungi, and they can cause a variety of symptoms including redness, itchiness, and discharge. If your bulldog has a skin infection, you'll likely notice other signs such as hair loss, scaling, or crusting.

If you think your bulldog might have a skin infection, it's important to see a professional right away. Skin infections can be painful and annoying for your dog, and if they're not treated promptly, they can spread and become serious.


Sometimes, red wrinkles in bulldogs are simply due to irritation from rubbing or licking. If your dog is constantly licking or scratching at his wrinkles, it's not surprising that they would become irritated and even red. This is usually nothing to worry about and will resolve on its own once the licking and scratching stops.

If your bulldog's red wrinkles are accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, hair loss, or discharge, it's important to seek professional help to rule out any other possible causes. But if the redness seems to be isolated to the wrinkled areas and there are no other signs of distress, it's likely just due to irritation. 

What can I do to soothe irritated wrinkles?

If your dog's wrinkles are red and irritated, there are a few things you can do to help soothe them.

  • Keep the area clean. Wipe the wrinkles down daily with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, debris, or discharge. This will also help to prevent further irritation. Squishface Wrinkle Wipes are a great option between baths or on the go, these wipes keep your pup clean and fresh smelling. Wrinkle Wipes are the first step to cleaning and protecting your dog’s wrinkles, tear stains and tail pocket!
  • Apply Squishface Wrinkle Paste. Use wrinkle paste to clean between squishy face wrinkles and tails pockets, remove tear stains, and help soothe itchiness with one powerful cream! Wrinkle paste contains no water or alcohol and was developed with a limited, only absolutely essential ingredient list. It forms a water-repellent barrier on the skin surface which keeps moisture, yeast, fungus and other bacteria at bay resulting in happy, protected and fresh smelling bulldog wrinkles. 

When to See the Vet

If your bulldog's wrinkles are red and you're not sure why, it's always best to talk to your veterinarian. They can take a look at your dog and help to identify the cause of the redness. In most cases, red wrinkles may be nothing to worry about. But in other cases, they could be indicative of a more serious problem and treatment may be necessary to resolve the issue. 

The Bottom Line

Red wrinkles in bulldogs can have a few different causes, some of which require medical treatment while others do not. Irritated wrinkles can be soothed with a combination of wrinkle wipes and wrinkle paste, providing a barrier against moisture, yeast, fungus and other bacteria. If you're concerned about your doggo's red wrinkles, the best thing to do is talk to your veterinarian for a diagnosis. With some simple testing and treatment, you can help your bulldog feel comfortable and look great again.

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