Wrinkly Dog Grooming 101

Does your pup have more wrinkles than a shar-pei? If you own an English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or Pug, then the answer is probably yes! These breeds of dogs are renowned for their extra wrinkly skin and while they may look adorable, the wrinkles can make them difficult to groom. This blog post will outline some tips on how to care for these wrinkly breeds with ease.

From cleaning the folds and preventing infection to brush options and products that can help, everything you need to know about grooming your cute bundle of wrinkles is right here. Let’s get started!


Bathing Your Pup

When it comes to bathing your wrinkly pup, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you’re using a cleanser specifically designed for dogs. Human products are too harsh on their skin and can cause irritation, so be sure to select something just for them. Once you have the right product in hand, fill up the bathtub with an inch or two of warm water (not hot!) and place your pup inside. Use a soft cloth or sponge to slowly work in some shampoo into their fur and then rinse off with clean water until all soap residue is gone.

Clean Their Folds

The folds of an English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or Pug’s skin can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To keep your pup’s folds clean and infection free, it is important to gently wipe them down at least once per week with a damp cloth or facial tissue. Be sure to use a gentle product here too so that you don’t irritate the delicate skin in these areas.

Nose Hydration

Be sure to moisturize your wrinkly pup’s nose with Squishface nose balm, the essential addition to any wrinkly dog's grooming routine. Wrinkly dog breeds often suffer from hyperkeratosis, a condition where the skin becomes excessively dry and thickened, particularly on the nose and paws. This can lead to discomfort and cracked snouts, making everyday activities like eating and sniffing a challenge. Squishface nose balm provides much-needed relief by hydrating and soothing the dry skin, thanks to its nourishing ingredients like calming shea butter and oat kernel oil. Incorporating this hydrating balm into your dog's grooming routine ensures a happier, healthier snout and a more comfortable doggo.


These breeds of dogs have unique fur types and need special brushes that are designed just for their particular coat. For wrinkly doggos, look for soft bristle brushes or grooming mitts that will not pull on their fur or cause any discomfort. Gently brush your pup in the direction of hair growth using slow strokes until all tangles and mats are removed.

Nail Trimming

One of the most important grooming activities that you should be doing is trimming your pups nails. If their nails get too long, they can start to curl and become very uncomfortable for your pup. You’ll want to use a dog nail trimmer specifically designed for this job, as they are sharper and easier to control than regular clippers. Hold one paw at a time and clip off the tips of each nail in slow increments until you reach the desired length.

Ear Cleaning

Squishface ear wipes are an essential tool in dog care, designed to combat common ear problems caused by bacteria, yeast, and fungus. These convenient wipes come with a unique finger-sheath design that makes them incredibly easy to use, allowing pet owners to maintain their furry friend's ear hygiene effortlessly. With just a gentle swipe, Squishface ear wipes help remove dirt, excess moisture, and potential irritants, thereby reducing the risk of infections and discomfort. Keeping your dog's ears clean and healthy has never been more convenient, thanks to the effectiveness and easy-to-use design of Squishface ear wipes.

Products To Help

There are several products on the market that can help you take care of your wrinkly pup with ease. Wrinkle creams and balms can be used to soothe their skin, while special shampoos and conditioners can help maintain a healthy coat. You may also want to look into moisturizers and oils designed specifically for your breed of dog as these will help keep their skin hydrated.

We recommend introducing Squishface Wrinkle Paste + Wrinkle Wipes to your dog care routine as the ultimate cleaning and protection duo! Use the Wrinkle Wipes to clean sensitive wrinkles and then follow with the Wrinkle Paste to clean, soothe and protect! Wrinkle Wipes are perfect for those hard-to-clean places. Since there’s no harsh chemicals, you don’t need to worry about stinging or irritation.

The Bottom Line

Grooming English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs doesn’t have to be a daunting task! With the right tools and knowledge of how to care for their wrinkles, you can keep your pup happy and looking sharp in no time. Keep these tips in mind and don’t forget to make regular trips to the vet for check-ups!

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