10 Dog Winter Care Tips

Winter is almost here, and while many of us enjoy the crisp air and snowflakes, it's important to remember that our furry friends need a little extra care during this chilly season. As temperatures drop, it's essential to ensure that your dog stays safe and comfortable. To help you with this, we've compiled ten winter care tips for your canine companion. Plus, we'll introduce you to some fantastic Squishface products to keep your pup clean and cozy during the chilly season.

Dog in winter sweater lying on blankets

10 Winter Care Tips for Your Dog:

  1. Layer Up: Just like humans, our furry friends can get cold, so invest in a warm doggy sweater or jacket to keep your pup wrapped up and cozy during their outdoor walks. Dog breeds with shorter fur are more susceptible to the cold than those with long-haired fur, but it’s equally as important to make sure they are bundled up and ready to face the weather.
  2. Limit Outdoor Time: While dogs require daily exercise, it's crucial to limit their outdoor time in extreme cold temperatures. Shorter walks and outdoor playtime are essential to protect your pup from frostbite and hypothermia. Instead, be sure to invest in some fun toys to keep your pup occupied and well-exercised indoors during this season.
  3. Protect Those Paws: Cold temperatures, snow, ice, and salt used on sidewalks can cause discomfort, pain, and even injury to your furry friend. Paw protection such as booties not only helps shield their paws from the cold, but also helps prevent exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. By taking this simple precaution, you ensure that your dog can enjoy their winter walks safely and without the risk of frostbite, irritation, or long-term damage to their paws.
  4. Groom Regularly: Regular grooming helps maintain a dog’s natural insulation, keeping their fur in better condition. When fur becomes dirty or matted, it loses its insulating properties. As a result, this makes your dog more susceptible to the harsh effects of the cold. Additionally, grooming allows you to check for any signs of skin issues, parasites, or abnormalities that may be hidden beneath your pup’s winter coat. Not only does regular grooming help keep your dog warm and comfortable, but it promotes their overall health and hygiene during the winter months.
  5. Keep Hydrated: Although it may be less obvious than during the summer months, keeping your dog hydrated during the cold winter season is just as important. The cold weather, dry air, and heated indoor environments can lead your furry friend to experience dehydration. Dehydration in winter can lead your dog to experience issues such as itchy and dry skin, urinary tract problems, and reduced immunity, further making your pet more susceptible to illnesses. Don’t let the chill of winter fool you into thinking your dog doesn’t need as much water, they do! Be sure that your dog has access to fresh water at all times.
  6. Diet and Exercise: Diet and exercise remain an important part of your dog’s overall well-being, even during the cold winter months. While your dog’s energy levels may dip in the cold, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep your pup in good health. When it comes to exercise, winter offers unique opportunities for activities such as running around in the snow or taking brisk walks. Choosing warmer parts of the day and dressing your dog appropriately is important and effective. Additionally, prioritizing indoor play, interactive toys, and obedience training can help keep your dog active and mentally stimulated during the winter months.
  7. Dry Them Off: When your furry friend returns from outdoor adventures during the winter, their fur may be wet from rain, snow, or even just dampness in the air. This moisture can lead to discomfort, chilling, and even health issues if not addressed promptly. Dogs can get cold quickly, and wet fur doesn't provide the necessary insulation they need to stay warm. Additionally, damp fur can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, potentially leading to skin issues or infections. Drying your dog off with a towel or even a quick once-over with a hairdryer on a low, warm setting can make a significant difference in ensuring they stay cozy and healthy during the cold season.
  8. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car Unattended: Cars can act like refrigerators in cold weather by trapping cold air. In extreme cold, your dog can suffer from hypothermia, which can be life-threatening. Even in milder winter weather, leaving your dog in a car unattended can lead to discomfort and stress. Your vehicle provides little protection from the cold, and your pet may become anxious while you're away. It's always best to keep your dog safe and warm by leaving them at home or, if you must take them with you, ensure they're properly dressed in a cozy sweater or jacket and never leave them alone in the car, even for a short time.
  9. Check for Signs of Frostbite: Frostbite typically affects areas with less fur, such as the tips of their ears, tail, and paws. To check for frostbite, gently touch these areas. If the skin feels cold, hard, or appears discolored (pale or grayish), it may be a sign of frostbite. You may also notice your dog limping or showing signs of pain. Additionally, they might lick or chew at the affected areas. If you suspect frostbite, it's crucial to act swiftly – bring your dog indoors to a warm environment, and gently warm the affected areas with warm (not hot) water.
  10. Create a Warm Retreat: Start by designating a comfortable spot inside your home that is away from drafts and cold floors. Place a soft, insulating bed or blanket to your pup’s designated spot, ensuring they are protected from the cold floor. The best comfy spot for you pup may be away from any walls and windows. A space near a radiator or heather may be ideal, but it’s important to be cautious not to place the bed too close to avoid overheating. Adding a few of your dog’s favorite toys and soothing background noise can help make their cozy spot more inviting.

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes: 

During the winter, your dog's face can become a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and even fungus due to moisture accumulation. That's where Squishface Wrinkle Wipes come to the rescue. These alcohol-free wipes are gentle for allergy-prone dogs and are designed to keep your pup clean and healthy in between baths. Regular use of these wipes can prevent infections and maintain your dog's well-being, allowing them to enjoy the winter season without any discomfort. 

Squishface Ear Wipes:

Cold weather can also lead to ear infections in dogs, as moisture and debris can get trapped in their ears. Squishface Ear Wipes are a fantastic solution. They're specifically formulated to clean your dog's ears without causing discomfort. These wipes help prevent the buildup of wax, dirt, and bacteria, reducing the risk of ear infections and ensuring your dog's ears stay clean and healthy all winter long.

Squishface Nose Balm:

During the winter months, many dogs suffer from cracked, chapped, or dry noses, often resulting from a condition known as hyperkeratosis. To combat this discomfort, pet owners can turn to Squishface Nose Balm - a hydrating and soothing solution designed to restore moisture and health to their furry friends' noses. Formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and blueberry seed oil, this balm works wonders for all dog breeds, providing protection from the cold weather, relief from dryness, and preventing further irritation.

The Bottom Line:

With a little extra care and attention, you can ensure that your dog enjoys the winter season to the fullest. From dressing them warmly to using Squishface products for wrinkle, ear, and nose care, you'll have a happy and healthy pup ready to romp in the snow. So, let's embrace the winter months with our furry companions by our side, making memories that will warm our hearts for years to come.

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