5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Hi there, fellow dog lovers! We all want to take good care of our pups and make sure they look and feel their absolute best, right? Well, sometimes our grooming routine can unintentionally cause more harm than good. In this post, we’re going to dive into five common dog grooming mistakes that every pet owner should steer clear of. From infrequent grooming sessions to not applying a nose balm for nose nourishment, we’ve got you covered with tips to keep your pup looking and feeling pawfect!

Picture of a french bulldog at bathtime

1) Infrequent Grooming Sessions

Let’s start off with a common mistake amongst pet parents: infrequent grooming sessions. Life can tend to get busy, but neglecting a regular grooming routine can lead to more issues for your pup. Common issues that arise from a lack of grooming include matted fur, long nails that can cause discomfort, and dirt and debris buildup in those hard-to-reach spots like ears and the tail pocket (for adorable wrinkly Bulldogs and Pugs). Regular grooming is necessary to not only keep your pup looking their best, but also helps maintain their overall health and hygiene.

2) Bathing too Frequently

    One common question all dog owners face: How often should you bathe your dog? While it may seem like a good idea to bathe your dog often to keep them smelling fresh, it can actually do more harm than good. By bathing your dog too often, you might strip the natural oils from your dog’s coat. This can lead to further issues that lead to dry skin and potential irritation. Instead, try to aim for a bath session once a month unless absolutely necessary. In the meantime, it’s best to use Squishface Wrinkle Wipes for daily wipe-downs in order to remove dirt and debris from their coat.

    3) Shaving Your Pup in the Summer

    While us humans might love shedding layers in the summer heat, our furry friends thick coat serves a purpose beyond fashion. A dog’s coat helps regular their body temperature, keeping them cool in the heat and warm in the cold weather. While shaving your dog’s coat in the summer might seem like a good idea to help them beat the heat, it can actually increase their risk of sunburn and potentially even heat stroke. Instead, let your pup rock their natural coat and be sure to keep them cool with plenty of shade and water. To be a responsible owner, read more about dog summer safety tips to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

    4) Getting Water in their Ears

    Nobody wants their pup to experience the discomfort of an ear infection, yet getting water in their ears is a common mistake that leads to just that. Bacteria tends to thrive in moist environments, and when water gets trapped in your dog’s ears it creates the perfect breeding ground. This can often lead to swelling, irritation, and general discomfort for your doggo. To help prevent this and ensure your dog’s ears are staying clean, consider using Squishface Ear Wipes. These wipes contain that helpful ingredient known as Chlorhexidine, which helps eliminate bacteria, yeast, and fungus, while keeping your ears clean from wax buildup.

    5) Not Applying a Nose Balm

    We often forget about our dog’s noses when it comes to grooming. Just like us, they can suffer from dryness and cracking, especially in harsh weather conditions. That’s where Squishface Nose Balm saves the day. This nourishing nose balm helps soothe your pup’s delicate nose, preventing dryness and hyperkeratosis (excessive dryness and thickening of the skin). With it’s calming and natural ingredients of shea butter and berry seed oil, this balm is sure to provide deep hydration for your pup’s snout while providing protection against the elements.

    The Bottom Line:

    Proper dog care is essential for keeping our cherished doggos feeling happy and healthy. By avoiding these common grooming mistakes and implementing these dog care tips into our daily grooming routines, we can ensure that our pups thrive. Remember to prioritize regular grooming sessions, but be mindful of bathing frequency, and embrace your dog’s natural coat - especially during the summer months. Don’t forget about the importance of ear and nose care, with the help of Squishface Products. With a little extra love, we can keep our pups looking their best for many years to come! 

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