Have you Ever Seen a Fluffy Frenchie Before?

If you're a fan of the French Bulldog, you might have seen pictures or videos of so-called "fluffy" Frenchies before. While they might look like an entirely different dog breed at first glance, these fluffier versions of the French Bulldog breed are actually just a variation of the same breed. In this post, we'll take a closer look at fluffy French Bulldogs to help you better understand what they are, if they require any special care and whether or not they make good pets.

What Are Fluffy French Bulldogs?

Fluffy French Bulldogs, also sometimes called "poodle-marked" French Bulldogs, are simply French Bulldogs that happen to have a gene mutation that causes them to grow longer, thicker fur. This mutation is relatively rare, which means that fluffy French Bulldogs are not as common as their shorter-haired counterparts. This means that they often come with a higher price tag than other Frenchies. However, many people feel that their extra-cuddly coats and charming personalities are well worth the extra cost!

Despite their unusual appearance, fluffy French Bulldogs are just as healthy as other French Bulldogs and they make great pets for families or individuals who are looking for a loving, loyal companion. While they do require some extra care when it comes to grooming, their fun personality and charming good looks more than make up for the extra needed care!

Do Fluffy French Bulldogs Need Special Care?

Since they have longer fur, fluffy French Bulldogs will require more frequent grooming than other types of Frenchies. It's important to brush their fur regularly to prevent mats and tangles from forming. Special care is also needed during bath time. You'll also need to pay special attention to their ears and wrinkles, as these are areas where dirt and debris can easily become trapped.

Other than that, fluffy French Bulldogs don't require any special care or attention. They can live in both warm and cold climates, although they may need a sweater or coat during the colder months to help keep them warm. As long as you provide them with plenty of love, attention, and proper grooming, your fluffy Frenchie will be happy and healthy!

Do Squishface Products Work on Fluffy Frenchies?

Whether your doggo has a long shiny coat, a curly one or even a short one, Wrinkle Paste and Wrinkle Wipes are not breed specific and will take care of dog wrinkles, tear stains and tail pockets for any breed or type of dog, including fluffy Frenchies! While fluffy Frenchies require the same consistent skincare routine as other wrinkly dogs do, Squishface Products will ensure that their wrinkles remain free of moisture, yeast, fungus and other bacteria while looking great and smelling fresh. Check out our How-To-Videos for the best tips on how to apply Wrinkle Paste and Wrinkle Wipes on your wrinkly pup.

Also, be sure to check out our FAQ section to learn more about our line of products and how they work on your wrinkly pup.

The Bottom Line

If you've ever seen a picture or video of a fluffy French Bulldog, you might have wondered what they are and if they make good pets. While they look a bit different from other Frenchies, these extra-cuddly pups are just as loving and loyal. Their fur may be longer, but their wrinkles are still the same, so a consistent skincare routine will ensure that their wrinkles remain healthy, clean and smelling fresh.

Now that you know more about them, we hope you'll consider welcoming one of these special pups into your home!

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