How to Groom a Long Haired Dog

Curious how to groom a Long Haired dog? Just as you brush your hair every day, long-haired pups need their hair brushed regularly too. Regular brushing will prevent any tangles from forming into unmanageable knots, and will also help prevent the fur from becoming matted.

You don’t want to wait to brush your pup’s hair until it’s too unruly though, otherwise you might not be able to detangle the mess. If this happens, it’ll be painful for your pup and you may even have to grab a pair of clippers to remove the problem area. You don’t want your pup to end up with uneven hair or patchy spots, so remember to brush your pup daily.

You should also be brushing your long haired dog right after a bath. A lot of hair comes loose during a bath so a thorough brushing afterward will collect all of the loose hair and leave your pup’s coat feeling smooth. Your pup will also appreciate the removal of loose hair because it’ll create better airflow and leave room for new hair growth.

Keep the Hair Clean

Daily brushing helps keep your pup’s hair clean on a regular basis, but a bath is needed on occasion as well. For most long haired dogs a bath every four to six weeks will do the trick. Any type of odor, however, is a good indicator that your dog needs another bath.

When bathing your long haired dog, work from the head down and make sure you get a good, even lather over the coat. Rinse the shampoo out from head down, as well. Once the soap is out of your pup’s hair, use a towel to dry off your pup. You should also let your dog shake to remove excess moisture. This obviously makes a mess, so either close the shower curtain or wash your pup outside. Allowing your dog to shake helps your pup dry more naturally. Air drying is actually the best option for your pup’s skin, but if you do use a blow dryer make sure it’s not too hot.

Get Hair Cut Regularly for Long Haired Dogs

Regular hair cuts are also needed for your long haired dog. Have a regular appointment set with a dog groomer to make sure your pup can get its hair evenly clipped and styled every month and a half or so. In between these regular hair cuts you can do a little trimming to keep your pup’s hair looking healthy and to keep it from getting too long. Use a comb to pull up your pup’s hair and snip off a bit of the end. Clip off small amounts at a time so you don’t end up with any super uneven spots.

Clean Long Haired Dog Tear Stains

Certain breeds of long-haired dogs are prone to excessive tearing. Shih-Tzu and Maltese, in particular, tend to have tear problems because of their shallow eye sockets as well as a lot of hair near their eyes that wick the tears onto their face. Excessive tearing combined with bacteria results in unsightly tear stains on your pup’s beautiful hair. Products such as the Squishface Tear Stain Paste can help keep your dog’s face hair clean on a daily basis. The Tear Stain Paste creates a moisture-repellent barrier that also keeps bacteria from irritating your dog’s skin and eyes. The Paste is hypoallergenic with plant-based ingredients so it’s perfect for your pup’s sensitive skin.

Keep it Consistent

Long haired dogs come with unique grooming challenges but their flowing locks and happy faces are worth it. As long as you follow the grooming basics above, you shouldn’t have too much trouble taming your furbaby’s long hair. If you want to make the grooming process even easier, then make sure you train your dog well to understand sit and stay. A pup that sits still during brushing and a bath is a lot easier to manage than a dog who is constantly nipping at your hands and fidgeting while you work. Luckily, with a little practice, you can have a well-behaved pup who is content to sit still while you do its hair.

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