Meet Our February Dog of the Month! ūüź∂

English bulldog Squishface DOTM

What is your dog's name?

Her name is London.

What name/names do they actually go by?

She goes by the  nickname "Punkie."

What breed is your dog?

London is an English Bulldog!

Where did you first meet your dog?

She was my Valentine from my husband, in February 2017.

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

The smiles and happiness she brings to everyone she meets!
Bulldog on a swing in the playground

What Squishface products do you use?

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes and Wrinkle Paste (All 3 Bulldogs: folds, ropes and tail pockets) (Fun fact! Her daughter Hope is a past Squishface transformation winner!)

What was the hardest thing to train your dog?



She got Therapy certified on her 1st birthday. She is a fast learner and loves to please. 

What was one thing you failed at training/could not train your dog? 

What is your favorite thing to do with your dog? London is an official employee of the Texas Tech Health Science Center. She loves to go to work at the hospital and also to Mom's school. 

What is one of your funniest moments with your dog?

If you don't throw the ball in a "timely manner", she will pull the blanket off you and and drag it across the room.

What is your dog's favorite non-dog food or favorite treat?

Codskins and homemade dog cookies.

Does your dog snore, or does she/he do anything unusual?

BIG snores!! She also plays fetch until bedtime. 

What is the coolest trick your dog knows how to do?

London can "crawl!"

Is your dog good with children and other dogs?

London is great with children and has helped kids get their shots at the clinic. She also loves to visit the elementary kids at school. 
Picture of bulldog being pet by human friends

What do you think is 1 thing most dog owners could do better with their dogs?

Training and socialization. It is so important that pets know how to react to various people and situations.
London's pup Hope is halfway done with her Therapy training too! 

To follow along on London and Hope's journey, you can follow them on Instagram! @Wreckembulldogs¬†ūüźĺ

The Bottom Line

We love sharing stories about our paw-some friends, and hope that you enjoyed reading about them as well! 

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