Office Dogs: Meet Grizzly

Welcome to Office Dogs: Squishface Edition, where we'll introduce you to the wagging tails and endearing antics of our furry coworkers! Behind the scenes, you'll find a heartwarming array of four-legged friends, each with their own unique personality and charm, who bring an extra dose of happiness to our lives.


meet grizzly the office dog

What is your name and what do you do at Squishface?

My name is Kami, and I'm the Online Sales Manager

What is your dog’s name? What name do you actually call him? 

His name is Grizzly, but he also responds to “Grizzy Boo”, “Boo”, “Boo-Boo”, “Captain Snugs”, “Dr. Dog” and “Potato”.

What breed is your dog?

We did a DNA test - he’s mostly Lab, Australian Cattle Dog, and Doberman

Where did you first meet your dog? 

At a special event in town...He was in a little wagon with his brothers wearing an “Adopt Me” vest. We weren't looking for a puppy, but we decided this one was coming home with us! We raced to the shelter to fill out an application and took him home a few days later.


baby grizzly dog of the month

What is your favorite thing about your dog?

I love that he’s a total goofball - I’ve never seen such a silly dog in my entire life!

What Squishface products do you use?

Grizz has yeasty paws and ears (maybe the Lab part?). I use the Wrinkle Wipes and Wrinkle Paste on his paws, and the Wrinkle Wipes in his ears when they are a little funky.

Was it hard to train your dog? 

Grizzly has always learned tricks pretty easily, even as a puppy. He’s very food motivated. In the last few months, we wanted to incorporate something new into his repertoire, so we taught him “Circles”. If we say “do circles”, he’ll spin in a circle. He can’t spin right though!

What was one thing you failed at training / could not train your dog?

He’s very reactive to other dogs, so if the dog isn't totally cool, he's going to get feisty and bark back. If they are chill, he can be a good pal.

What is your favorite thing to do with your dog?

Snuggle! (hence the nickname "Captain Snugs", but we also enjoy a good road trip that includes some lake swimming.

grizzly in bandana on a rock


What is your dog's favorite non-dog food or favorite treat?

He has acquired a taste for fine local cheeses, steak, and vanilla ice cream thanks to his human mom.

Does your dog snore, or does she/he do anything unusual?

Grizzly sometimes gets nervous when lots of people are over at our house, so he will hide in the bathtub. Often our guests will come out of the bathroom, laughing, because while they were in there, the dog poked his head out from behind the shower curtain to say "hi". 

What is the coolest trick your dog knows how to do?

My husband and I will place our hands on top of each other and yell “three amigos!”, and Grizz will put his paw on top of ours because we're besties.  

The Bottom Line

We love sharing stories about our paw-some friends, and hope that you enjoyed reading about them as well! 

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