Pododermatitis in Wrinkly Dogs

sqHave you noticed your wrinkly dog licking or biting its feet? They may have Pododermatitis. Pododermatitis is a condition that affects the feet of dogs. The condition can be painful and itchy and can make it difficult for your dog to walk. Wrinkly dogs such as the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Pug are susceptible to Pododermatitis. In this article, we will discuss what Pododermatitis is and what to do about it.


What is Pododermatitis and What Causes It?

Pododermatitis is an inflammation of the skin on the paw including the space between the toes, the footpads, and nails.

The exact cause of pododermatitis is unknown, but several factors may contribute to the development of the condition. These include allergies, bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Pododermatitis is more common in dogs that are overweight or obese. This is because excess weight puts pressure on the feet and makes them more susceptible to injury. Pododermatitis is also more common in dogs that live in hot, humid climates. This is because the humidity can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi.

What are the Symptoms of Pododermatitis?

The most common symptom of pododermatitis is itching. Your dog may also lick or chew at his feet. Pododermatitis can cause the skin on your dog's feet to become thickened and dry. The nails may also become thickened and deformed. In severe cases, Pododermatitis can cause ulcerations and open sores on the feet. These ulcers can be painful and may bleed. Pododermatitis can also make it difficult for your dog to walk.

How do I Prevent Pododermatitis in my Dog?

You can help to reduce your dog's risk by keeping their weight under control. You should also regularly check your dog's feet for any signs of redness or swelling. It is also important to take good care of their feet especially the area in between the toes and the footpad.

Keeping the area clean and dry is a way to protect their feet from dirt and debris and also prevent fungus, yeast, or bacteria from forming. Squishface Wrinkle Wipes make it easy to keep your dog's feet clean and protected. Wrinkle Wipes come in an enclosed package so you can use them at home, in the car, at the dog park, or anywhere else your dog goes with you. Especially after they have been playing outside, use a wipe to clean dirt and grime between the toes and on the footpads.

For added protection, follow with Squishface Wrinkle Paste. Wrinkle Paste forms a water-repellent barrier on the skin surface which keeps moisture, yeast, fungus, and other bacteria at bay.  

When Should I Take My Dog to the Veterinarian?

If your dog already has signs of an infection or if they are having trouble walking, it is time to make an appointment to see the veterinarian. Your veterinarian will examine your dog's feet for signs of infections, cuts, and other issues and may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or antibiotic.

The Bottom Line

Pododermatitis can be a painful and frustrating condition for both you and your dog. Taking proper care of your dog's feet can help to prevent yeast, bacteria, and fungus from forming. Watching their weight and keeping your dog's feet cool and dry, particularly if you live in a hot or humid climate can help to prevent pododermatitis as well.

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