The Best Toys and Activities for Wrinkly Dogs

Wrinkly dog breeds like English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs oftentimes require a special type of care to ensure they stay happy and healthy. While these breeds may look adorable with their short faces and wrinkled skin, they are prone to some health issues due to their unique anatomy. In order to keep them at their best, it's important to provide them with enrichment activities that will stimulate both their minds and bodies. From interactive puzzle games to outdoor adventures, there are plenty of options when it comes to activities for your wrinkly pup. Keep reading for our top 5 picks for the best toys and activities for wrinkly dog breeds so you can keep your pup feeling loved and entertained!



1. Interactive Puzzle Games

Interactive puzzle games are a great way to give your pup’s brain a workout. These types of games provide mental stimulation that is important for keeping your pup's mind sharp and alert. There are many different types of interactive puzzle games available on the market, so be sure to research which ones might be best suited to your pup’s needs. You can even DIY cognitive dog toys and puzzles!

2. Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventures can provide much-needed physical activity for your wrinkly pup. Going outside can help reduce boredom, improve overall health, and create special bonding moments between you and your pet! Whether it be playing fetch in the backyard or going for a hike in the park, getting outside can be beneficial for both you and your pup.

3. Hide-and-Seek Treats

Hide-and-seek treats are an excellent activity to keep your pup’s mind sharp and active. Allowing them to search for hidden treats provides mental stimulation that can help reduce anxiety and boredom. Be sure to use all natural and healthy treats made specifically for dogs so they get the most out of this activity!

4. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to provide relief from muscle tension, joint pain, and stress for your wrinkly dog breeds. Not only do massages feel good, but they also help promote better health and wellness. Additionally, regular massage sessions can help strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

5. Snuggle Time

Last but certainly not least, snuggle time is an important activity for any pup! Whether it be a cozy nap on the couch or some cuddles in bed, setting aside time to spend with your pup can provide a sense of security and comfort that can reduce stress levels. Showing your furry friend love through snuggles is an excellent way to deepen the connection between you two.

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The Bottom Line

We hope this blog post gives you some great ideas and inspiration for activities you can try with your wrinkly doggo. Remember that providing enrichment activities such as these can help keep your pup feeling their best. With the right toys and activities, you can help your pup stay happy, healthy, and entertained for years to come!

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