Tips & Tricks on How to Apply Wrinkle Paste

Curious how to apply Wrinkle Paste to your pup? Anyone who has a dog knows how stubborn they can be sometimes. The pups don’t want to sit still and they usually try to lick off any Paste or cream you apply to their skin. Although it might be difficult at first, it’s important to make sure the Paste stays on, especially when it comes to wrinkly dogs like pugs and bulldogs. Below are five tricks you can use to keep your hyper dog still and distracted when applying Wrinkle Paste.

Exercise Your Pup Beforehand

Keeping your pup active is a fantastic way to burn off extra energy. This is particularly useful when you need to apply Wrinkle Paste to your squishable friend. Take your pup on a long walk, run, or play a game of fetch before sitting down with the cream. The exercise will tire out your dog, so you’ll get less resistance when you sit your pup down to apply the Paste.

Give Rewards

A lot of dogs respond well to food-based rewards. Work to get your dog into a sit position then reward with a treat. Start applying the Paste and provide small treats throughout the process as mini rewards for good calm behavior. If you’re worried about giving your pup too many treats during this process, then split them in half. Give half a treat before applying the Paste then apply the other half & reward with the other half of the treat.

Use Distractions

Another great option for keeping your dog distracted during Wrinkle Paste application is to use toys. Pull out your pup’s favorite toy and, ideally, it’ll keep your dog’s mouth occupied as you’re applying Wrinkle Paste. Dogs like to use their mouths to explore and interact with people, so when they feel you applying a cream to their skin they want to investigate. By giving your pup a favorite toy, it should find the rope or stuffed animal more exciting than trying to lick at the Paste.

Apply Wrinkle Paste at Night

If you’re having trouble keeping your dog still while applying the Paste, then try putting it on when your pup will be winding down anyway. Half an hour or 15 minutes before bedtime, sit down with your pup and apply the Wrinkle Paste. Your dog should already be tired and ready for bed so you’ll get less resistance.

Create a Routine

Setting up a routine is another excellent way to get your pup to stay still. Once your pup begins to understand what you’re doing, it’ll be more likely to sit down and accept the treatment. This is especially true if the action of applying Wrinkle Paste is paired with treats or toys. The positive reward associated with it will make your dog eager to comply whenever it’s time to soothe irritated skin.

The Importance of Dog Skin Care

Topical applications can help soothe allergies, relieve hot spots, reduce itching, and keep wrinkles clean. It’s important to figure out how to apply creams and ointments to your pet’s skin to help them get better. It’s particularly important for wrinkly dogs. Pups with a lot of wrinkles are susceptible to infections between their skin folds. Moisture and debris can easily get trapped in the creases resulting in bacteria and fungus growth. Pastes such as Squishface Wrinkle Paste can help prevent infections and keep your pup comfortable, but only if you can apply it properly.

Active pups are super fun but they can be a handful. Knowing this, you have to discover the best way to handle that energy when you need your dog to be calm. If one of the tricks above doesn’t work for you, try combining two of the ideas.

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