10 Hypoallergenic Dogs for People with Allergies

Are you searching for a furry friend but troubled by allergies? Don't worry, today we will take a journey into the world of hypoallergenic dogs—the perfect pals for those who suffer from allergies. The days of red eyes and constant sneezing are long gone; we present to you 10 hypoallergenic dog breeds that not only guarantee snuggles but also won't trigger your allergies. From the majestic Poodle to the endearing Shih Tzu, each breed possesses its own unique combination of charm and low-shedding fur. However, selecting the appropriate hypoallergenic puppy is just the beginning – we will also explore the art of grooming and introduce you to Squishface products to maintain the cleanliness and health of your canine companion.

Daily Grooming Needs:

It’s important to note that regardless of which dog breed you choose, daily grooming routines are essential to their overall well being. That’s where Squishface products come to play. Consider using Squishface Wrinkle Wipes to clean your dog from head to toe. With the help of ingredients such as Ketoconazole and Chlorhexidine, these wipes help fight against yeast, fungus, and bacteria. When paired with Squishface Wrinkle Paste (short-haired breeds), and Squishface Tear Stain Paste (long-haired breeds), you can help form a water-repellent barrier keeping harmful microorganisms at bay. Daily Ear cleaning routines are just as important - consider trying out Squishface Ear Wipes, making it easy to prevent wax, dirt, and debris buildup from affecting your pups’ ears and keep their ears in top shape.

Top 10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

1. Poodle

The Poodle is well-known for its thick, twisted, and hypoallergenic fur, which makes it a favored option for people with allergies. To keep its luxurious feel, this special fur needs to be brushed regularly to avoid tangling. Besides grooming, it is necessary to brush their teeth, trim their nails, and clean their ears on a regular basis to guarantee the overall health and happiness of these intelligent and sophisticated companions.

2. Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise has a coat that is known for its smooth, wavy feel, which is attractive and suitable for people with allergies, making them a perfect option for those who are sensitive to allergens. Taking care of their coat involves regularly brushing it to avoid knots and preserve their distinctive fluffiness.

3. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu has a coat that is known for its opulent, two-layered texture, consisting of a thick undercoat and a flowing outer coat. It is crucial to regularly brush the Shih Tzu's fur, ideally a few times every week. This helps prevent them from becoming tangled or matted and maintain a healthy, shiny coat. Shih Tzus often suffer from tear stains on their fur, but this issue can be addressed with the help of Squishface Tear Stain Paste, which is specifically designed for long-haired dog breeds. Infused with coconut oil and shea butter, this paste effectively fights against pesky tear stains that tend to be common amongst shih tzu dogs.

4. Maltese

The Maltese breed is well-known for its beautiful, long, and silky coat that is also hypoallergenic. To keep their coat looking fabulous, it is necessary to give them regular grooming sessions. Ideally, these sessions should occur on a daily basis or every other day to avoid tangles and mats in their fine-textured fur. Taking care of their teeth is extremely important for Maltese dogs, and it is recommended to brush their teeth two to three times a week to prevent dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene. 

5. Schnauzer

Schnauzers possess a unique wiry fur that doesn't shed much and needs frequent grooming to keep its texture and appearance intact. It is recommended to groom them every few days to avoid tangles. When it comes to their dental hygiene, their teeth should be brushed two to three times a week to prevent the accumulation of plaque and maintain good oral health. Their ears also require daily grooming attention and can be cleaned with the help of Squishface Ear Wipes to prevent the buildup of earwax and potential ear infections.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog has a distinct coat that is both curly and resistant to shedding, making it ideal for their passion for outdoor adventures and activities involving water. They thrive on being active outdoors, enjoying swims and expeditions, which can sometimes require a speedy cleaning afterwards. Squishface Wrinkle Wipes come to the rescue, offering a perfect solution for wiping down these dogs that adore water after a day of playful splashing. These wipes are excellent for keeping their skin healthy, particularly after water activities, guaranteeing their coat and skin remain clean and free of any possible irritants.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

The fine and straight fur of Yorkies is unique and needs frequent care to avoid knots and tangles. It is recommended to brush them daily to keep their stylish appearance. Although they are small, Yorkies have a remarkable coat that requires attention, and regular grooming sessions are essential to maintain its quality and look. Their attractive fur adds to their charm, but it is important to consistently care for these affectionate pets to ensure they always look their finest.

8. West Highland White Terrier

Often referred to as Westie, the West Highland White Terrier boasts a distinctive double coat that's weather-resistant and dense. Their outer coat is straight, harsh, and abundant, while the undercoat is soft and dense, providing insulation. This coat is low-shedding but requires regular grooming to maintain its characteristic white color and texture, ideally with brushing a few times a week to prevent matting. The Westie's coat not only contributes to their iconic appearance but also serves as protection during outdoor adventures, emphasizing the importance of consistent grooming to keep them looking shiny and healthy.

9. Havanese

The Havanese dog is decorated with a beautiful, lengthy, and smooth coat that radiates grace and allure. Their fur consists of two layers - a soft layer underneath and a longer, delicate layer on top. It is crucial to regularly groom their coat to prevent it from getting tangled and matted. Ideally, daily brushing is recommended to maintain its luxurious feel. This coat is hypoallergenic and sheds very little, but it requires regular care to keep it looking stunning. It often displays a variety of colors and patterns, adding to its captivating beauty.

10. Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog comes in two varieties: the Hairless and the Powderpuff. The Hairless variety has smooth, soft skin with hair primarily on its head, feet, and tail, while the Powderpuff boasts a soft, profuse coat covering its entire body. Both varieties are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for allergy sufferers. The Hairless variety requires special attention to skincare, including dog-safe sunscreen for outdoor activities, while the Powderpuff needs regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain its silky coat. Their unique coat types offer distinct grooming needs, but both varieties of Chinese Crested are adored for their charming and affectionate personalities.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing a hypoallergenic dog isn’t just about finding a companion; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of care and connection. Whether it’s the regal Poodle or the spirited West Highland White Terrier, each breed comes with its unique traits and grooming needs that, when tended to, create a bond like no other. With the right grooming routines and specialized products like Squishface Wrinkle Wipes or Wrinkle Paste and Tear Stain Paste, caring for your hypoallergenic furry friend becomes a joyful part of your daily dog care routine. Remember, it's not just about keeping allergies at bay; it's about nurturing a loving relationship filled with endless cuddles, playful moments, and a shared journey through life’s adventures. 

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