Why Are My Dog’s Paws Red and Irritated?

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Have you ever glanced down at your furry friend's paws only to notice an interesting hue of red? Well, don't hit the panic button just yet! Those crimson paws might be trying to tell you something, and we're here to decode the mystery. From excessive licking to mysterious allergies, we're diving into the world of dog paw problems to uncover why your pup's paws might be looking a little rosier than usual. 

Picture of a dog paw being held

Licking, Chewing, and Limping:

First things first, let's talk about some telltale signs that your pup's paws might be in distress. If you catch your doggo constantly licking or chewing at their paws, or even limping around, it's time to take a closer look. These behaviors can be indicators of paw problems lurking beneath the surface. 

Redness and Irritation: 

Redness and irritation in your furry friend's paws can often be traced back to allergies or infections. Allergies, whether triggered by pollen, mites, or spores, can lead to inflammation and discomfort in your pup's paws. Similarly, infections, such as yeast infections, can cause redness and irritation, often accompanied by a foul odor. Keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or distress in your furry friend.

Bleeding Paws: 

Is your pup leaving little bloodstains around the house from their paws? Bleeding paws in dogs can be caused by a variety of factors, with allergies playing a large role in many cases. Environmental allergies and food allergies can play a large role behind bleeding paws. Keep an eye out for any signs of allergic reactions in your pet, such as sneezing, itching, or watery eyes. This can often lead pups to excessively scratching or chewing at their paws, leading to irritation and potential bleeding.

Additionally, injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or puncture wounds can result in bleeding paws, especially if left untreated. It's crucial to promptly address any signs of bleeding paws in your furry friend to prevent further discomfort and potential complications.

Yeast Infections: 

Yeast infections can often lead to redness and discomfort in your dog's paws, particularly in breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs who are more predisposed to this condition. These infections occur when the natural balance of yeast and bacteria on the skin is disrupted, leading to overgrowth and irritation. Symptoms of a yeast infection in the paws may include redness, inflammation, itching, and a distinctively unpleasant odor emmiting from the affected area.

Dry Skin and Paw Hyperkeratosis: 

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from dry skin, especially on their paw pads. Paw hyperkeratosis is a condition where the skin becomes excessively dry and thickened, leading to discomfort and redness. A helpful way to keep your dog's paws moisturized is with the help of Squishface Wrinkle Paste. Consisting of coconut oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients, this dog-safe paste helps form a water-repellent barrier to fight against bacteria, yeast, and fungus. As a pro tip, consider covering the affected paws with a baby sock to ensure the paste stays in place and your pup doesn't lick it off.

Anxiety: Pacing Paws and Panting Problems

Last but not least, let's talk about everyone's favorite topic: anxiety. Dogs can experience anxiety just like humans, and it can manifest in a variety of ways, including paw-related issues. If your pup is pacing, excessively panting or drooling, avoiding interaction, or exhibiting unusual vocalization, it could be a sign of anxiety. Anxious behavior can often lead to dogs licking their paws to seek comfort. Addressing the underlying cause of your dog's anxiety is key to keeping their paws happy and healthy. Click here to read further on natural helpful remedies to ease an anxious pup.

The Bottom Line:

Understanding the various reasons behind your dog's red paws is essential for their overall well-being. Whether it's allergies, infections, dry skin, or anxiety, being proactive about your pup's paw health can make all the difference. Don't forget about products like Squishface Wrinkle Paste, specially formulated to keep those paws moisturized and irritation-free. With a little love, care, and attention, your furry friend's paws will be back to their healthy state in no time!

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