All About Wrinkles!

Dog wrinkles can be a contributing factor to the cuteness of some breeds, but they also require special care and attention to maintain your pup’s health. In this blog post, we will discuss why certain breeds have wrinkles, common issues with them, and how to properly care for them.


What Are Wrinkles On Dogs?

Dog wrinkles are folds of skin that occur on certain breeds, usually those with pug noses or short muzzles. They are most common in breeds like:

  • English Bulldog
  • French Bulldogs
  • Pug
  • Shar Pei
  • Boxer
  • Boston Terrier
  • Bullmastiff
  • Cane Corso
  • Neapolitan Mastiffs
  • Tibetan Mastiffs
  • Chinese Shar Pei

but can be seen in other breeds as well. These wrinkles form during the puppy growth stage when the muzzle is growing faster than the skin around it. This creates folds in the skin which become more pronounced as your pup grows older.

Why Do Certain Breeds Have Wrinkles?

Just like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. But some dog breeds are distinguished by their wrinkly skin—namely English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Shar Peis. These “wrinkle dogs” owe their distinct appearance to centuries of breeding practices that resulted in extreme brachycephaly (a flat face) or what is known as ultra-typing. This has caused their faces to become more exaggerated with bulging eyes, short noses and deep wrinkles.

Common Issues With Wrinkles

Dog wrinkle skin can be prone to a number of issues, including irritation, infection and dermatological conditions such as seborrhea. Without proper care, these wrinkles can become breeding grounds for bacteria which can lead to infections or a bad smell. Additionally, moisture can accumulate in the folds which provides an environment where yeast and fungal spores thrive, resulting in severe skin irritation and itching.

How To Care For Your Pup's Wrinkles

Fortunately, dog wrinkles are easy to maintain with regular cleaning and moisturizing. Start by wiping down your pup’s wrinkles with Squishface Wrinkle Wipes to clean any dirt or debris that gets stuck in their skin folds and wrinkles. These wipes are specifically designed to be gentle on wrinkly dog skin. They do not include harsh chemicals or any irritants or allergens that can be so harmful to your dog's skin. This should be done daily to remove any dirt, debris and bacteria that may have built up in the folds. Additionally, use a gentle shampoo designed specifically for dogs once or twice a week to keep their coats clean and healthy.

To prevent dryness, apply Wrinkle Paste after bathing your pup and make sure to massage it into their skin before wiping away the excess product. Squishface Wrinkle Paste forms a water-repellent barrier on the skin surface to keep moisture, yeast, fungus, and other bacteria away. Avoid using human products as these can cause irritation since our skin is different from that of dogs. You should also check your dog’s face for signs of irritation or infection and take them to the vet if you notice any changes in their skin health.

The Bottom Line

Dog wrinkles are part of what makes certain breeds so charming and unique. But it is important to remember that these folds require special care to ensure that your pup stays healthy and happy. With regular cleaning, moisturizing, and checkups with the vet, you can help keep your pup’s wrinkles in top condition.

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