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Tear Stain Paste + Wrinkle Wipes + Ear Wipes Bundle - Head to Tail Clean for Long-Haired Breeds

For Tear Stains on Long-Haired Breeds
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Squishface Tear Stain Paste, Wrinkle Wipes & Ear Wipes are your best defense against annoying tear stains in LONG HAIRED BREEDS (use the Wrinkle Paste for short-haired breeds!), yeasty paws, and itchy ears!

This incredible bundle gives a head to tail clean that any dog parent can feel good about because Squishface products are made with a limited, essential only ingredient list that excludes many common irritants like alcohol, fragrance, essential oils, aloe, and more!

Instead, we use natural oils & waxes, and proven ingredients like chlorhexidine, ketoconazole to clean and protect your dog against yeast, fungus and bacteria, plus phytosphingosine to help rebuild the skin's mantle.

Squishface Tear Stain Paste: The natural waxes and oils in Tear Stain Paste help clean the area and remove existing stains, plus prevents new stains from forming, so your pup looks great and smells fresh!

Squishface Wrinkle Wipes:  These dog wrinkle wipes can be used anywhere your dog needs to be cleaned - wrinkles, tail pockets, paws, faces, tear stains, girly bits, puppy bums and more! They contain just five ingredients including ketoconazole, chlorhexidine, and phytosphigosine (a ceramide that helps rebuild the skin!) so you're doing more than just cleaning - you're actively protecting against microorganisms and protecting the skin! 

Squishface Ear Wipes: Easily and gently clean your dog's ears with our convenient supersoft finger sheath wipes. You can safely remove wax build-up and debris from sensitive ears. Our no-sting and no-irritation formula can help stop ear itch and fight yeast, fungus and bacteria to prevent expensive vet bills! 

  • Make sure that the product is directly on the skin and not just the fur.
  • Don't use any other products with it (except for Wrinkle Wipes).
  • Consistency is key! Make sure it is applied 1x daily for best results.
  • Shave down/cut the fur around the area to remove old stained fur. Fresh stains are easier to remove since they haven't set in!
  • Some dogs will need long-term, regular use to protect against tear stains and others will only need to be applied occasionally.

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What's Included


Tear Stain Paste

With a similar formulation as Wrinkle Paste, our Tear Stain Paste was made just for long-haired breeds with white fur around their face.

It's consistency is thin enough to run through long fur, but thick enough that it won't splash in eyes!

Made for Pomeranians, Shih-Tzus, Maltese, Poodles, Westies, Bichon Frises, and many more!


Wrinkle Wipes

Use these dog wrinkle wipes on any place your pup needs to be cleaned – wrinkles, tail pockets, paws and toes, faces, tear stains, girly dog bits (the vulva), and puppy bums!

What's So Great About Wrinkle Wipes?

Wrinkle Wipes are the only dog wipe in the market to include these three powerful ingredients!

Phytosphingosine: A ceramide that rebuilds the skin. No other dog wrinkle wipe offers that!

Chlorhexidine: Fights against bacteria, yeast & fungus that causes skin infections and irritation in dogs.

Ketoconazole: An anti-fungal that adds an extra punch of yeast-fighting power when applied topically to relieve itchiness, while gently cleaning the skin.

Ear Wipes

Squishface Ear Wipes are convenient pre-moistened finger sheath wipes that allow you to get deep down into the hard-to-reach areas of your dog’s ear to help clean & deodorize! Odors and irritations are kept at bay without medication, avoiding expensive vet bills.

The extra soft finger wipes fit over your finger to safely and gently remove wax build-up and other debris from your sensitive dog’s ears. Our Ear Wipes are quick and easy to use, and less messy for fussy pets who hate to have their ears cleaned.

No more head shaking, scratching, pawing, or discomfort from itchy ears!

How to Apply Tear Stain Paste

1. Give the dog a small training treat first so they associate this process with a positive event.

2. Clean the affected area around the dog's eyes with a Squishface Wrinkle Wipe, removing any debris or eye boogers.

3. Apply a small pea-sized amount of Tear Stain Paste (1 per area) directly against the skin and not just on top of the fur.

4. Wipe away excess Paste that may have gotten outside of the tear stain it alone for 24 hrs!

6. Repeat once daily for 7-10 days. Many dogs are able to see a difference by this time and you can choose to either continue daily use or decrease to every other day or as needed.

7. REWARD the dog with a 2nd small training treat immediately after to reinforce that they get something good during this process.

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